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Opening your heart for love
Summer Workshop Bioenergetic Analysis
13-15 March 2020

The reality of life and love lies at the core of our being. Love is a feeling, an attitude, a behavior and it is embodied depending on how we experience love in early childhood. To access deep essential bio-energy, which contains our early life and love experiences, we must release tension and melt armoring. We also melt our sense of separation between not only our selves and others, but also between ourselves, our minds and the deepest feeling of Self. Relational bioenergetics bodywork and a group setting, which will provide a safe containment by the empathic co-vibrating resonance of the participants, will free the flow of love allow to emerge and manifest.

Olaf Trapp
Certified bioenergetics therapist (CBT)
Head of the European Federation for Bioenergetic Analysis (EFBA-P), trained by the North German Institute for B.A (NIBA) 1994-1998, training analyst since 2007, NIBA board member since 2008, massage therapist, certified TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) training with David Berceli, 30 years experience in body work working in private practice, with emphasis on early disorders and psychosomatics.

Time: Friday 16:00 - Sunday 13:00
Address: Sakura Center, Nova vas 60, 8261, Jesenice na Dolenjskem
Info: +38641415709, Roman Strojnik
Language: English
Price: 250€

This workshop will be limited to a maximum of 14 participants